Rotel CD11


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Saatavuus: Varastossa

Normaali hinta: 499,00 €

Erikoishinta: 349,00 €

Rotel's CD player CD11 is ready to playback the 200+ million CD’s that been sold over the past 25 years.

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Normaali hinta: 499,00 €

Erikoishinta: 349,00 €


Rotel has been designing and manufacturing CD players since 1989 and long confirmed it's digital audio expertise since the introduction of the first model, the RCD-855 CD player. Ever since Rotel has never looked back. The CD11 continues this proud tradition with a carefully engineered power supply and Balanced Design topology of digital and analogue circuits. With clean lines and intuitive operation common with other 14 series models the CD11 brings musical details to life with ability beyond its modest price-point.

Output Level Digital (Coax): 0.5V

Output Impedance

Line Level: 470Ω

Digital (Coax): 75Ω


Paino: 5.8000
Takuu 2 vuotta
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