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Formation Flex

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Flex on upea uutuuskaiutin jota wifin tai bluetooth yhteyden kautta voit soittaa suoraan esimerkiksi puhelimen kautta. Voit käyttää yhtä Flex-kaiutinta tai kahdella muodostat modernin stereolaitteiston jossa et muita laitteita enään tarvitse. Voit myös yhdistää Formation Bass-subwoofer kaiuttimen tai yhdistää Formation Bar-tuotteen kanssa jolloin Flex toimii takakaiuttimina. Formation tuoteperheessä yhdistyy upea muotoilu sekä taattu Bowers & Wilkins äänenlaatu


Wireless performance redefined Formation is the first wireless multiroom music platform that can match up to the acoustic performance of our finest loudspeakers, with speaker-to-speaker wireless synchronisation of under one microsecond – orders of magnitude better than most rivals. That gives us stereo imaging that is second-to-none and performance that effectively equates to that of a wired system, but delivered wirelessly.

With Formation Flex, you can enjoy that performance anywhere in your home. If you all you require or can accommodate in any given space is a single, 215mm (8.5in) high speaker, Formation Flex will deliver outstanding results when used singly, in mono format. It’s an ultra-discreet and effective way to bring rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens and home offices into the Formation ecosystem without taking over the available space in those rooms – and, thanks to its class-leading room-to-room wireless synchronisation of one millisecond, it’s also the perfect way to deliver brilliant multiroom sound across a series of spaces, or your whole home. Excitingly, and in a first for Bowers & Wilkins, Formation Flex has the ability to scale to meet other needs. If you would rather have a high-performance compact stereo system than a mono set-up, simply add a second Formation Flex, pair the two products wirelessly and you’ll enjoy the same stereo imaging as you’d get from a pair of Formation Duos. With class-leading one-microsecond wireless synchronisation, no rival compact speakers can get close to the imaging quality and true stereo presentation of a pair of Formation Flex speakers.

Formation Flex

  • Immersive whole home wireless sound system
  • Streams 96/24 bit high-resolution stereo sound
  • Performance tweeter and woven glass fibre cone woofer technology
  • Features Formation® Wireless Technology
  • WiFi, Apple® AirPlay 2®, Spotify® Connect, Roon, and Bluetooth compatible
  • Sets up in moments
  • Synchronizes in perfected harmony with other Formation products

Add other Formation products for more flexibility

Formation Flex can be partnered with other products in the Formation Suite, too. Add a Formation Bass to a pair of a Flex speakers to create an outstanding compact 2.1 stereo system with real quality and power. Alternatively, partner a Formation Bar and Bass with a pair of Flex speakers operating as rear channels to create a superlative 5.1 set-up that’s compact, elegant and supremely capable.

High-quality components are key

Formation Flex shares exactly the same wireless technology as other Formation products, ensuring its class-leading wireless synchronisation and full support for content at up to 24/96 resolution. In addition, it shares drive unit technology derived from other Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers. Its 26mm (1in) decoupled double dome aluminium tweeter, also found in Formation Bar and the Formation Wedge plus our 600 Series range of passive loudspeakers, ensures outstanding clarity and transparency. Midrange and bass, meanwhile, come courtesy of a 100mm (4in) woven cone closely related to the drive unit found in our M1 loudspeakers. Add this high-quality drive unit technology to the proven Formation wireless platform, complete with ultra-high-resolution digital to analogue conversion plus Dynamic EQ to ensure optimum sound quality at all times and you’ve clearly got a high-performance loudspeaker wrapped in the smallest and most elegant form imaginable.

Easy to install, live with and use

Formation Flex is set up and operated using Formation Home, the Bowers & Wilkins app already in use on Formation Duo, Bar and other Formation products. It includes a capacitive touch user-interface on its glass top-plate with hidden-till-lit buttons that magically spring into life as you bring your hand close to the product. Out of the box, you can stream music to your Formation Flex using AirPlay 2, Bluetooth AptX HD, Roon – which offers access to Qobuz and TIDAL – plus Spotify Connect, with support for more streaming platforms to come in future. Finally, Formation Flex can be placed on a bookshelf or desk-top, while wall-mounting is supported via a threaded insert on the bottom of the enclosure to allow for suitable wall brackets (not included).


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